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How to develop bitrix24 applications?

You can use any software development technologies and programming languages that support REST API

Bitrix24 applications TRAINING course

This course overviews key terminology, basic public and local application types, outlines options for REST API app access, as well as introduces applicable examples, including both "Quickstart" and individual third-party solutions integration scenarios aimed at expanding Bitrix24 features.

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A full and comprehensive REST API guide with examples and guidelines.


Bitrix24 chatbot platform training course

In this course you can find detailed step-by-step guide on creation and use of Bitrix24 Chat Bot within your Bitrix24 account. It includes instructions on how to implement all the basic Bitrix24 bot and chat functionality: formatting, attachments and commands - all with the goal to enhance your communication capabilities.

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Bitrix24 apps design guidelines

Before you can publish your application in Bitrix24 marketplace you must read and accept with rules and guidelines for app design and function.

Please read it carefully.